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Is AI really changing business worldwide?

Aljoša Mohorović
Published on
Apr 24, 2020.
In this article, PINKDROIDS tech lead, Aljosa Mohorovic, gives his take on the state of AI in business today.
Aljoša Mohorović
Published on
Apr 24, 2020.

AI is everywhere

It’s hard to find a press release which doesn’t mention a revolutionary solution powered by the unstoppable AI. As it stands today, various businesses have launched or announced an AI based product with a plan to dominate their market. And while the marketing and sales departments are successfully doing their part in this incredible story, the products are not there yet. They do feel “better” but likely the experience is evolutionary, in some ways, “better” than the previous version.

The reason is simple, hidden in the technical details, almost all the products mentioning AI are not actually powered by an AI. And it’s not all hype. The technology is real, it’s just not there yet. Especially not for most businesses which are just starting or considering the AI route.

Machine learning

The King today is ML (Machine learning). One day it will be an irreplaceable part of the revolutionary AI but today it’s all we have. And it’s easy to overinvest or go down the wrong path while integrating ML into a business. Somebody always takes advantage of the hype and ends up with a few quick wins. That’s fine. It’s the way the world works. Just as long as you remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. The proper use of ML and the inevitable AI will eventually dominate the markets and the businesses with a long term vision will have their day in the sun. Giants like Google and Amazon have ML deeply integrated into their businesses and are pushing the AI route throughout their empire. And for good reason. Some parts of their businesses have already seen enormous benefits from the ML integration and general movement in the AI direction.


Ecosystem is largely open. The same tools they are using are open source, actively developed and improved on a daily basis to benefit your business. All the ML magic for mobile and cloud environments is available and ready to be integrated into your business. The successful experiments by the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon resulted in proven ML models that can provide real benefits for your business today. Yes, the long term vision requires ongoing research and development so that your business can take advantage of the rapidly ongoing development in this area. For most companies, the first step is simple integration of existing, proven solutions into their products. And then the hard part starts: what’s next? As with every new technology, especially one so easily misused and rapidly evolving, the hard part is to find the right technology partner. At the end of the day, you can take the easy approach and abuse the hype for a quick win or you can take the long term approach and work with us to build the right solution for your customers.

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