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Is React the right choice for your next project?

Aljoša Mohorović
Published on
Jun 12, 2020.
As Marc Andreessen once famously stated, Software Is Eating the World. And today that means that you're building a mobile app or a web app and, sooner or later, both. While the mobile space is open to discussion, it's pretty clear that JavaScript rules the Web and React is a very popular solution for a lot of projects.
Aljoša Mohorović
Published on
Jun 12, 2020.

Bad choices ruin the best ideas

At the current pace the reality is that you need to start a new project or setup an existing one for frequent changes just to keep up with the competition.

So many ideas need to be tested and so many choices present themselves before you can even start doing anything.

And inevitably these projects are failing one after another without a clear reason.

It always seems like all the right choices were made, a great team and amazing technologies selected, but in the end the result not what was intended.

Strong Teams make the difference

​All things considered, a strong team will always make the difference required for a successful project.

All the cool, new, shiny technologies can't compensate for a disorganized team. Sure, you can collect a team of amazing individuals but the truth is that a team is more than the sum of its members.

A strong team is an amazing machine set to achieve more than thought possible. The sharing of knowledge, ease of communication and complementary skillset doesn't fade even if the team needs to embrace and extend a new technology.

The React ecosystem is a Monster

At this point there is very little that React can't do. Even some crazy VR experiments end up as a nice React extension.

Once confined within the possibilities of the Web, nowadays probably the most popular cross platform solution for mobile applications just keeps adding practical solutions for various problems.

​The important part isn't that React touched everything related to the Web and beyond.

It's the fact that React itself, in its core, is so technically amazingly solid that it allows all these things to be.

Given the rock solid core and the ecosystem it's hard to argue that React is a bad choice.

So why do projects fail?

The fast & easy conclusion is that the Team is not actually a team or that the technologies are wrong.

The reality is probably that the Team was forced to use technologies which are not the right solution for the project at that point in time.

​Most teams when using their preferred technologies will output outstanding results.

We were lucky enough as a team that we started using React very early since its initial release. It was a good choice then and it's an amazing choice now - for Us.

While the details in these kind of decisions are hard to get right it is clear that React was and still is the Right Choice for our Team.

So if you're looking for the Right Team to do amazing things with React, contact us and let's figure out the choices to make your project a success.

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