A white label system for managing private clubs and independent hotels

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After building a custom management software for The Battery, an exclusive private club based in San Francisco, we were hired to turn the software into a white label product targeted at private clubs and hotels. The system includes management of hotels, restaurants, spa&gym and the membership process, as well as payment integration through Adyen payment processing software.
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Jun 2015 - Mar 2018


python, django, reactjs, postgresql, elastic beanstalk, aws

Executive summary

One of the PINKDROIDS partners was hired to port an existing hotel/dining management software to a more modern framework and scalable infrastructure. Both partners completed the project with success and in time and the company was hired to implement a white label solution to manage private clubs and independent hotels.

After about three years of development:

  • majority of the private club's one hundred staff was onboarded and routinely using the system

  • the dining, hotel, spa & gym, events and membership renewal processes were automated and the system was collecting money

  • member facing frontend redesign was implemented as a fully single page application

  • the project was successfully and seamlessly transitioned to an in-house local development team

About the subject

Butcherhop, an award-winning San Francisco based digital agency has landed a project to redesign the frontend of a local exclusive private club The Battery. Through discovery, the project was expanded to include porting the club's management software to a more modern Python/Django framework and deployed to a scalable AWS/Elastic Beanstalk infrastructure. We were initially hired to execute the porting of the code.

The Battery is an exclusive private membership club located in San Francisco. New members are nominated by existing members and approved by a selection committee. The club consists of several restaurants and bars, a hotel, a spa & gym facilities and an art gallery, to name a few.

After successfully porting of the code to Django, and completing the implementation of the new web design stage of the project, we continued working to adjust the implemented software as a white label solution: Sonato. It is a white label system to manage private clubs and independent hotels. It's inception was at The Battery, and was battle tested at The Battery supporting it's business.

Challenges and objectives

Butchershop, as a primarily digital agency was hired to do a redesign of The Battery member facing website. Through conversations, it was decided that the current management software was to be ported to a more modern framework.

Butchershop CTO reached out to one of the PINKDROIDS partners to work on porting the code and soon enough the other partner was included. Encouraged by initial success, The Battery owners recognized the potential of the project and decided to invest into developing a white label solution and use The Battery as the first client.

I was happy with their project management and availability. We used Slack to communicate. I worked with the various engineers depending on the feature they were building. If they were delivering it, they would talk to me, and I would QA it, accept it, or reject it, or say there are things missing.

Faced with the difficulty of hiring quality people in a saturated market of San Francisco, the owner and the new CTO decided to build a dedicated development team overseas.

How Our Service Helped

PINKDROIDS showed technical competence and ability to deliver in the initial stage of the project and it was decided that the development team be scaled up around PINKDROIDS.

Both our technical and communication skills helped accelerate the development efforts and the system was soon in production and generating revenue.

They were always able to handle new requests and adjusted their work to fit our requirements.

We've built a strong link to the club and project owners through their CTO, who maintained a physical presence in the club and had direct access to key personnel. He would translate the conversations with the staff into clear and actionable tasks that would be delivered by our team.

Within months of starting the white label stage of the project, the system automated the member acquisition and membership renewal processes and started to generate revenue.

We continued to add modules for hotel, dining and SPA & gym, including booking and billing, event booking, and managing of Battery Powered, a non-profit program supported by the club but run externally.


We weren’t collecting any revenue online, but since their work, now we are. Everybody is happy with the system.

The club owner was unhappy with the hospitality software available on the market. They prototyped a solution and delegated a third party to implement a robust system.

Our compact and highly technical team helped in three distinct stages over three years:

  • rewrote the implemented prototype to a more sustainable and modern stack

  • implemented a redesign of a member facing app to a full single page application using React and REST API

  • laid the groundwork to completely decouple the club and subsequent white label solution from a proprietary and outdated hospitality billing system.

  • automated critical business systems and implemented payments using Adyen as a payment gateway

  • Integrated Battery Powered, a non-profit organization supported by the club into the system

The project was handed over to a dedicated in-house local development team to continue adding new features using the systems we implemented as a solid base.

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