Designing a complex financial assessment platform

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The client is a leading insurance products and services provider in the United States. With over a 100 offices nationwide, more then 3000 employees and over a billion USD in revenue, it is among top 15 largest insurance brokerages.

Dec 2017 - ongoing


python, django, react, javascript

Their challenge

With almost 100 offices across the US and a workforce which uses Excel files to exchange data the time to execute in this complex financial assessment flow was a major pain point.

The solution we developed enabled a very fast and streamlined process and provided a modern web and mobile access.

On the basis of the new solution a second pain point was removed - the ability to scale their operation and introduce new features without reduction in time required to execute.

The client needed a web and mobile application that would serve as a comprehensive subcontractor prequalification service and replace a system of data exchange using Excel files which was slow and inefficient with a web solution that is significantly more streamlined. The whole operation was based on a legacy system which worked but was extremely slow for the current scale of interaction. Data exchange and decision making included several people and took time. Adding more people or improving the process couldn’t increase the throughput.

It would be difficult for them to stay competitive if they had not modernized their service. They expected to have their service upgraded in terms of efficiency and user experience which would enable them to stay a strong player in the market. Also, by using an application that would automatize most of the process of analyzing and presenting data, they expected to significantly save on resources. The main requirement was to have a modern solution that would improve efficiency and dramatically increase the throughput.

From the beginning, they’ve been very detailed, attentive to issues, and responsive to questions.

Our solution

We relied on our experience in the field when designing the mechanics of the application. The challenge was getting acquainted with the concepts involved in assessing credit worthiness of a particular company. That included making sure we have an understanding of all parameters used in the prequalification process. Otherwise, we would not be able to have a working product within the agreed timeframe. Product discovery was the first phase and helped us establish a strategy with a predictable outcome.

We regularly communicated with the client and kept them involved in the process from the beginning. Throughout the project we had a test environment where the client could monitor the progress and try out the functionalities. After the product was delivered, a final testing phase was started to satisfy the QA and to get the final feedback. The continued involvement by the client from the start made this final phase a mere formality. The solution was a web and mobile application that automatized the process of subcontractor prequalification and was able to cater to the needs of general contractors who would be using the service and subcontractors who wished to be enrolled in the system.

Beta testers have been ecstatic that we turned their manual process into an automated platform. Everything has been positive. They show initiative, take control of the development process, and go above and beyond as needed. 

It took less than 6 months to have a completely usable solution that satisfied all of the client’s needs. We spent about a week or two on planning so development started quickly. All hurdles that we ran into were overcame by regular communication with the client. When there were changes in the requirements mid-process, we tried to be flexible and modified the planning accordingly. We made sure to build the web app on a high end platform that would enable the application to work smoothly even with a large number of users.


We have received positive feedback for our work and can confidently say that our solution benefited their business.

The client received a software solution they could offer to their customers, which is a significantly more marketable product than what they had before. It also enabled them to free some of their own resources because it makes managing the process a lot easier and faster. The solution we created gave them the opportunity to manage the service for any number of clients without exhausting their resources. Ultimately, with an improved product on their hands, they had a firm basis in expecting an increase in sales. We have an ongoing relationship with the client which is positive and friendly as we occasionally work on adding smaller upgrades to the platform instead of service.

They’re very attentive, ready to get things going and resolve issues. They are transparent about any potential issues and project assumptions.

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