Developing real-time physics simulations for a national academic research institution.

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Our client is one of the largest publishers of books and digital content for education in Croatia. They operate a successful digital interactive content creation and publishing platform. They've hired us to help them develop dozens of interactive physics simulations targeted for high school students.
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Sep 2019 - ongoing


Vue.js, Javascript, Netlify, Chart.js, Canvas

Executive summary

Profil Klett develops and operates a sophisticated digital content publishing platform. The success of the platform has left them in demand for quality software development. By taking them on as our client, we’ve been able to mitigate the problem and successfully implement the components their client hired them to do. As a result, we’ve signed a long-term contract and are continuously developing new components for other projects.

About Profil-Klett

Profil Klett is a leading publishing company in the education space, with a particularly strong presence in interactive digital content. 

In 2015, they’ve become a part of the KLETT group, one of the leading European publishing companies for education.

Challenges and objectives

IZZI, a digital content publishing platform developed by the client turned out to be a major success for them. It enabled them to win several large international projects, but also left them with a challenge of completing these projects in time.

The success of IZZI earned Profil Klett a great opportunity for growth, but left them in short supply of developers to implement the increasing scope of work within aggressive deadlines.

Their main goal at this point was to find a suitable partner who is able to deliver within deadlines and without sacrificing the quality of the work that powered the growth of the platform.

They are fantastic. Quick to respond in all communication, efficient, pragmatic and responsible. Communication was transparent at all times, and we always knew exactly the status or possible problems in development. All deadlines were met and we are still very happy to work with them.

How we helped

By utilizing our extensive experience in joining outside teams, our expertise in building software and our background in elementary physics, we’ve been able to quickly assimilate into their process and start bringing value from day one.

In the first month of working with them, we were able to deliver 10 interactive physics simulations to the platform, and meet the deadline that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Working with us has helped the client meet the high benchmark of quality and deadline that was expected of them, and we continue working together helping to fuel the growth of the IZZY platform. 

The development has met the expectations of the internal team, leading to a successful ongoing engagement. PINKDROIDS is responsible and quick to respond to inquiries, facilitating a smooth workflow. The team is personable, creative, and hard-working.


  • 35 interactive physics components completed in the first six months meeting a couple of tight deadline

  • Fully compliant with strict accessibility requests expected in educational content

  • 12 month contract signed to ensure ongoing pace of delivery to end clients

Their level of technical knowledge and interest in the subject matter of the project set them apart. Quick and honest communication.

Future plans

We’ve signed a long term contract with the client, mutually benefiting their goal of growing the platform and giving us the stability brought by long-lasting client relationships.

We are thrilled to continue to be a part of this journey and help the client overcome the technical and staffing challenges that would otherwise limit their growth.

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